Bliss Blessings

by CocoKali

Start Healing Karma Now!




Karmic clearing is the most important form of energy medicine.  It is the difference between attending to the cause instead of spinning your tail focussed only on the symptoms.  

One cannot escape their karma but they can decrease the impact of unpleasant karma and increase the impact of joy boosting, time jumping, wealth building karmas through the cleansing process.

Improving karma is good for the direct recipient and those around them so it's also a form of stealth giving.  Raise your vibes and raise your quality of life.


You can reduce your karma!

Start healing karma now, past life and this life karmic creations that have created various forms of suffering.  Release it now and experience greater success, health and happiness.

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Just do it.  For only $3 a Bliss Blessing is worth the experiment.  Try it now and see what opens up for you.

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Now you can sit back and let CocoKali do the rest. She does Bliss Blessing Karma Labs every day helping to clear the debris of stagnant karma and brighten life.

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Tune in to Instagram for pics and video updates on Bliss Blessings.  You can also share your intentions, experiences, and success stories. @cocokali

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You're AWESOME and should feel it too because you are contributing to a crazy sexy cool giving campaign including the efforts of Sri Amma Karunamayi and Dr. Baskaran Pillai who dedicate their lives to brings the light.

People are saying:  

"You are an incredible alchemist!  Your energy activated my 3rd eye and positive vibes I didn't have before after only one session."   Victoria

"You activated my husbands solar plexus chakra and he was able to stand up to me, my bullying and abuse for the first time in a long, long time!"  Andi

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The Struggle is Real!

Karma shows up in our lives in countless ways.  If that's the case, how do you know you need to get into the karma cleansing game?  If you have ever experienced any of the following, then the time is now!  How many struggles can you relate to?

  • Ongoing Financial Struggle
  • Passed Over for Promotions
  • Lack of Career Focus
  • Body Confidence
  • Low Energy, Unclear, Foggy
  • Serial Technology Issues 
  • Success Evades You
  • Don't Feel Heard or Listened To
  • Toxic Relationships (Love, Work, Family...)
  • Health Issues Including Injury and/or Illness
  • Unhealthy Home Environment
  • Unhealthy Work Environment
  • Surrounded by Unhelpful People
  • Regularly in Drama and Chaos
  • Healing from Past Trauma
  • Trolls, Bullies, Critics On Your Back

Bliss Blessing Are the Shizzle!

Bliss Blessings combine Reiki, Crystal, Vedic Prayer, Buddhist Prayer and Shamanic Blessing technology to clear multiple layers, levels and types of pesky karma.  No matter if you are dealing with issues with health, finances, career, relationships or general emotional chaos, Bliss Blessings can help you heal no matter where you are on your journey.

Bliss Blessings Technologies Can Trigger 5 Elements Alchemical Activation, Activation of Inner Fire, Mind Stabilization for Peace and Creativity, Light Body Activation, Internal Happiness and even Ecstasy, Reduction of Sorrows and Sadness of Heart and Mind, Positivity, Courage, Determination, Divine Connection and Communication, Physical Healing and often Cell Regeneration, Self Identification and Self Mastery, and Improved Luck just for some examples.  The results truly are different for everyone because everyone's karma is different.  The good news is that the good will come in a way that is ideal for each individual.

Pay it Forward Karma Goodness...

The Bliss Blessings Buddies and to support things like Amma’s emergency Ati Rudram Maha Yajnam. 

My BlissBlessings.me are only $3 with the goal of doing 100k by the end of the year to help raise money for divine efforts that benefit our planet, our global community, and our individual success.  In this way we can work together to help bring healing, peace, prosperity and light to the world we live in and treasure.  

Dollars Need a Mission, Here's How Bliss Blessings Can Help:

  1. Charge your hard earned $3 with the mission to clear your karma via your Bliss Blessings purchase.
  2. Get the Blessings of direct energy healing done on your behalf.
  3. Get the karmic healing from supporting this positive, joy and love based mission designed to serve all of humanity.
  4. Get the karmic healing that comes from proceeds supporting even more karma clearing works like Amma's Ati Rudram, food feedings, shelter building, medical care providing and more.


How Bliss Blessings Work...

The Alchemist!

Meet CocoKali, your Karma Purification Specialist.  She's part Shaman, Reiki Master, Chakra Ninja, Mantra Meditation Enthusiast, and all around student of lightwork just to name some of her credits.  CocoKali has a Masters of Metaphysics and many certifications after 30 years of study and practice.  She is honored to be able to bring together all of her skills, knowledge and abilities  as a Karma Purification Specialist helping others to raise their vibes and bring in the light.

2019-07-10 10.44.55

The 100k Bliss Blessing Challenge!

Tired of challenges?  I know, me too, that was until I got inspired to use my talents and abilities to bring as much light to the earth plane as possible on a daily basis, help as many people as possible while doing it, and raise money to support my teacher's divine efforts to do the same.   That's how Bliss Blessings was born!  In this economy, a lot of people are struggling to be able to afford the necessities not to mention what may seem to be a luxury item like energy work.  At $3/usd for each Bliss Blessing I am making it super accessible.  Let me lay it all out...

Bring Light to Earth Plane - Perform daily karma labs to help raise the vibes of local and global community.

Help as Many People as Possible - Make Bliss Blessings super affordable at only $3 each and share daily activities on Instagram so even those unable to participate can be touched by the light.

Support Teacher's Divine Work - Commit to donate at least $30k each of proceeds from this challenge to the work of Amma Sri Karunamayi our Divine Mother, and Dr. Baskaran Pillai, our Divine Father through their charitable organizations.

Bonus Goal - For full transparency I want to share that I have a bonus goal I am also working to achieve, the status of being debt free.  Less debt means resources can be used to do more good and bring more light to the world. So all support of this challenge brings 360 degrees of goodness which is excellent for your karma!  

Support the GOAL

100,000 Bliss Blessings


Karma Busting is not a one and done type of practice.  Keeping your spiritual house or inner temple maintained is similar to keeping up your actual home.  It requires ongoing attention and maintenance.  One of the ways to master the gig is with done-for-you services put on autopilot.  

To help you out I've set up a Bliss Blessings Sponsorship on Patreon.  Now you can purchase a-la-carte Bliss Blessings here for your self or as a gift or put your Bliss Blessings on auto-pilot with a recurring monthly Bliss Blessings sponsorship.  This comes with some mega Benefits!

  • Benefit from ongoing sponsorship of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Energy Healing Karma Labs
  • Insider Access to my Karma Busters Blog and Karma Busters Video Tutorials
  • Early Access to New Training Videos
  • First Access Discounts
  • Exclusive Monthly Spiritual Message & Group Coaching
  • Monthly Find Your Focus Karma Card Reading
  • WhatsApp Q&A Support
  • More to come!

You are invited to join my Bliss Blessings family and discover how life transforming putting these spiritual practices can be.  In addition to Bliss Blessings you can sign up for monthly Karma Card Readings or Monthly VIP Coaching.  You can cancel monthly sponsorships at any time so it's all no fuss, no long-term contracts or obligations.  Join CocoKali on Patreon.



“As an empath, I could sense right away that Cocokali is a high-vibrational lightworker, and we connected on spiritual topics right away. She is such a kind, giving soul, and provided me with spiritual wisdom and guidance that helped me to remove obstacles that had been blocking my ascension process. Cocokali's positive vibration also helped me to feel energetically at peace in my new environment, and now I only see the beauty of this land. Thank you, Cocokali for being the beautiful, uplifting soul that you are!”

CEO, Jane Doe Corp


“. I feel the excitement of moving forward and the courage to show up in my business in new ways. You want to work with CocoKali, because she can see and illuminate the places that you were hung up and allow you to unfold and expand into your own unique gifts and power. She showed me an archetype I could work with in my business who I hadn’t thought of before, but who holds the energy that I desire to bring forth in my life.”

Nature Expert, Soulpioneer.com


“I appreciated that she SAW me. She saw and highlighted what I loved to do, which is help people heal their minds and bodies. She saw how I could educate on a broader level that I had never thought of. She opened my mind to possibilities for my business with a conversation I would’ve never imagined. I was thinking way too small!

I appreciate the clarity she gave me for business strategy too. CocoKali is nothing but magik, and her enthusiasm is contagious!!

I highly recommend working with her if you want truth, clarity and strategy. That was my experience! ”



“Generally speaking "self help" engagements I've had in the past have elicited a giant "duh" from me, or required that I change my essence to be happier, more productive. CocoKali's work just struck me different. It worked with my parameters and allowed me to both be my comfortable cynical self, while at the same time calling out the BS negativity that I tend to lump in with my basic personality. She gave me real tools to help police my personality with zero cringe element.

I knew CocoKali from work, and kinda saw her as a sage before knowing she did energy work. Our jobs really sucked, but as long as I got to sit next to her her energy was something that made me look forward to work. On a basic level CocoKali just has something special in the way she talks about things that makes you see the sunny side.”

Satirist....And so Much More

  • CocoKali

    “I was really extremely lucky to meet someone with ready answers for me. CocoKali opened my eyes and mind, literally.”

  • CocoKali

    “Comes back to the most basic thing I love about CocoKali's wisdom, which is it is practical, not sugar coated, and doesn't require me to kill off whole chunks of my personality.”

  • CocoKali

    “CocoKali has been a friend and spiritual advisor of mine for more than 20 years. Her “light” and love is something immeasurable and powerful that is so kind and warm I would wish that everybody could see. ”

  • CocoKali

    “I believe CocoKali is a lighthouse that attracts those souls who need deep healing.”

  • CocoKali

    “I realized that for the First time in my life I'm having a long distance trip and remote viewing in a parallel reality and time. And I was sober, and my perception was very rational and logical. But I can feel that she understands perfectly what I'm going through. Her eyes were closed when she was telling my shocked Self about what kind of future things I am going to create.”

  • CocoKali

    “There is a strength in CocoKali's soul...in her core that can’t be explained...only felt. She is a wonderful friend...confidant...reliable friend that I hope each person is lucky enough to cross paths with in one lifetime or another. She helps you to see all the goodness that is you.”

  • CocoKali

    “Her work is for anybody who knows they could use a hand sorting through shit, while at the same time not wanting to feel like they're trying to fool themselves into being more positive.”